Terms and Conditions

Vaccination Agreement between SA Healthfirst Solutions (t/a Health & Immunisation Management Services) Pty Ltd ACN 151731547 (HAIMS) and the party named in Item 1 of the Schedule (Client)

  1. The parties agree HAIMS will supply and administer the vaccine/s specified in Item 2 of the Schedule to nominated and willing workers of the Client on the premises specified in Item 3 of the Schedule at the times stated in Item 3 of the Schedule, in exchange for payment within 14 days by the Client of the fee/s stated in Item 4 of the Schedule (plus any GST) as invoiced by HAIMS, with late payment incurring interest at 9%.
  2. HAIMS will for this service:
    · source vaccines from a reputable supplier, and bring them to the premises
    · provide all consumables required to deliver the service
    · use only personnel medically qualified
    · hold worker’s compensation, public liability and professional indemnity insurances
    · handle and dispose of used materials in a responsible manner
  3. The Client will provide:
    · (in advance) numbers, of likely workers to receive a (any) service
    · a suitable, private area with access for emergency services if required, containing a table and two chairs
    · access to a suitable room in the 15 minutes before any patients to 15 minutes after the last patient
  4. The Client is to pay a downtime fee of $70.00 (plus GST) if either:
    · if there is less than 10 staff requiring vaccination
    · for reasons other than HAIMS’s inability to source vaccines / personnel, a scheduled service is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance, or
    · a service is frustrated by reason of the Client’s not performing clause 3